Saturday, December 1, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

PSI Demystified - Episode 1 - Seeing without eyes
This is the first episode of a new format called "PSI Demystified" where Oliver talks with Tom about a particular PSI subject. The subject is briefly introduced and then Tom demystifies the phenomena by explaining it through the lens of his MyBigTOE theory. Todays episode addresses the controversy around Oliver's documentary on 5 German children that can see without their physical eyes. We look into to fraud claims, examine the Mindfold mask in detail and discuss about 10 different aspects of this quite fascinating phenomena. Oliver's documentary can be found in full length at this link: (It is in German but English subtitles can be enabled) Also recommended videos are these two documentaries by journalist Frank Elaridi. In the first one he introduces several adults who can also see without eyes. Two of them are completely blind. This first video shows that not just children can do it. The second of Frank's videos is a documentary on children from England who also learned the skill: You can contact Evelyn the German teacher for Seeing without eyes at: This episode of "PS demystified" was produced by Oliver from

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