Monday, January 8, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: From Physics to Love to World Peace
Tom’s My Big TOE, theory of everything began as a better explanation of consciousness and reality that expanded into a better explanation of the fundamentals of science. The implementation of Tom’s physics experiments has the potential to dramatically change the way we look at science, philosophy, sociology, economics, medicine, ecology, ethics, and theology – nudging humanity into a period personal renaissance and social enlightenment. The logical consequences of understanding our universe as a virtual reality will eventually lead us to a future that is better and more productive for all. It is expected that Tom’s 40+ years of research in both physics and consciousness, will soon provide evidence that we are living in a virtual reality, that consciousness is the computer, and that love is the only long-term solution to our problems. This short video clip is designed to be shared with a world audience and will be translated into various languages to promote the experiments Tom has designed and the concept that caring, cooperation, compassion is the way, the only way, to a future filled with positive potential for all of us. Thank you for sharing and for helping Tom and his team bring us closer to a better world for all. Tom's website Tom's events and appearances Editing and camerawork: Keith Warner

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