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SFACIM Videos June-July-August-September-October 2020

Lyn Corona and Tim Wise - School For A Course In MiraclesThese videos are examples of highly recommended Zoom video classes – currently 6 days a week! – on A Course In Miracles taught by Lyn Corona and Tim Wise of the School For A Course In Miracles (SFACIM) from their YouTube video channel. To join these classes live, you can request to be added to their zoom list, visit the SFACIM calendar page, and see upcoming classes here, updated daily. Complementing SFACIM’s videos, check out the SFACIM podcast. Also highly recommended: their Immersion Class series, typically offered twice a year.

Here are recent (June, July, August, and August 2020) additions to the SFACIM YouTube Channel:

  • A Course in Miracles: 7/12/2020 – We discuss the ego’s version of its “A Course in Judgements” instead of A Course in Miracles, and what ego lesson titles might look like, specifically in Lessons 181 thru 200. View all twenty videos in this series of discussions on Lessons 181-200 here.
  • A Course in Miracles: 8/3/2020 – Basic Introduction to A Course in Miracles; We cover the basic principles in A Course in Miracles … of healing and forgiveness. We also cover a little of its history and the book’s purpose, its author, and some of those involved in its initial stages.
  • A Course in Miracles: 8/18/2020 – Lyn on “Completion… not Competition” Jesus asks us do we want awareness of our completion, or do we want to stay trapped in an illusion of separation… believing it’s real, and believing we need to compete and bargain for a little peace and happiness..?
  • A Course in Miracles: 8/22/2020 – Lyn on Workbook Lesson 139; A great discussion of who and what we truly are… compared to what we think we are.
  • A Course in Miracles: 9/21/2020 – In the opening session of our series on ACIM Basics, we look at what a miracle is from the world’s point of view compared to how and where the Course and Jesus see a miracle.
  • A Course in Miracles: 10/8/2020 – Bruce Rawles on “Level Confusion” What does ‘level confusion’ mean in ACIM? How do I recognize when I’m confusing levels and don’t know it? How do I stop?
  • A Course in Miracles: 10/18/2020 – Tim ‘overviews’ the Workbook in general… then lessons 121-140 and their three major Course themes of forgiveness, the world, and healing … in preparation for the new upcoming Sunday series on each of the Lessons 121-140.
  • A Course in Miracles: 10/24/2020 – “What is making me upset… really?” Lyn looks at why, at any given moment … we feel upset about anything that we think is a real problem…
    And, how to get beyond it.

Here are several years of prior video archives (on the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center website). Enjoy! 🙂

Editor’s note: I (Bruce Rawles) attend as many of these excellent classes as I can. You might hear me chime in and join the conversation every so often, too, as well as participate as facilitator occasionally. 🙂

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