Saturday, October 31, 2020

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: My Big TOE Q & A October 2020
MBT Events receives many questions for Tom that can't all be answered personally, but could be beneficial for his YouTube audience, so we have gathered a few together here to be answered for you. Evidence for love is the answer: start to 31:17 Aggression, fear and anger in past civilizations: 31:18 to 41:06 Coherence and entropy 41:07 to 53:20 Are other physical realities affected by the entropy of other realities? 53:21 to 56:44 Is there an advanced management team that overlooks the progress of other realities in your theory? 56:45 to end. Tom's Patreon ** One time donation link thru PayPal (no PayPal account required) Tom's website Tom’s events, online events, programs, and binaural beats. Twitter Instagram 501 c 3 Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness ** Tom Campbell here...I and MBT Events hope you liked this video -- we now have well over a thousand hours of free video on this user-friendly ad-free YouTube channel. Though these videos are free to our viewers, they represent many thousands of hours in production and editing, and many thousands of dollars invested in video and audio equipment along with the required computers, and software to store and process the raw video into finished products. So far, all of this content has been funded directly out of our own pockets. Be assured, we will always continue to do what we can -- it is our life, our purpose -- a labor of love that we will continue to pursue as best we can. However, those pockets are not as deep as they used to be, thus, we are now seeking to augment our resources with support from our viewers. If you find something of significant value in our videos, please consider supporting their production through our newly created Patreon account -- or through a one-time donation…...the links are in the description below...thank you! Tom's Patreon ** One time donation link thru PayPal (no PayPal account required)

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