Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Thomas Campbell: The Science Behind the Akashic Records
Within the concept of Tom Campbell's MBT theory of virtual reality (consciousness at the root) is a necessary feature that serves the purpose of recording and calculating information he calls the Data Bases. The ancient mystics know this concept as the Akashic records. Their understanding, for the most part, is that this is a complete record of everything in our history. Mostly, some still believe the old science philosophy that all time exists at once. Tom is one of those uniquely qualified individuals who can not only access the records and teach how it is done, but one who has done decades of research and repeatable science experiments that provides evidence of the nature of each data base and how they work. IOUC Individuated unit of consciousness FWAU Free will awareness unit (that part of our consciousness assigned to our avatar) LCS Larger consciousness system of which we are a part Tom Campbell The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness New MBT Online Immersives and binaural beats Interview: Donna Aveni Editing: Keith Warner Tom’s advice on any subject is from his own experience and experiments and is his opinion on what worked well for him. Healing, remote viewing, out of body travel, and such are to be treated as exercises in consciousness and in no way are to be a substitute for professional medical or counseling treatment, nor intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease. In response to the many concerns that we have received regarding the disruptive comments on this channel, we are working to remedy the situation. Comments containing constructive criticism or differing viewpoints are perfectly acceptable so long as they are carried out in a respectful manner. Political statements and other unrelated posts to this video will be considered spam.

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