Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Consciousness and Alternate Realities
This interview focuses on the exploration of other virtual realities within the larger consciousness system. Tom begins with a definition and explanation of the so called “out of body” (OBE) experience. He clearly describes the altered state called point consciousness -- the launching point for all things paranormal -- accessing information from the available data bases, communicating telepathically, and exploring alternate realities. The MBT concept of reality is R=I, or reality equals information. All experiential realities are virtual while only consciousness is fundamental. From Tom’s viewpoint, accessing another reality is simply a matter of switching data streams. “Logging on” to another “physical” (tight rule set) reality is also possible but requires permission granted only by the executive element of the VR’s server. Because these experiences within consciousness are subjective, the evidence one gathers and the information one receives is primarily for one’s own benefit. The value you receive from such experiences is what makes them worthwhile. Tom points out that all of our experience (no matter what reality frame we are in) results from us interpreting data. The ordinary dream reality is simply another virtual reality within which we can experience (make choices). All realities have something in common; they provide learning opportunities for the evolution of consciousness. We may not all be able to adeptly travel and access data from the multitude of available virtual realities, but we can all dream! And in your dreams (day or night), there are opportunities for learning and choices to be made just as there are in the VR we call our physical universe. It is through these choices that you evolve or devolve your quality of consciousness, that you fulfill the purpose of your existence. Happy travels, and choose wisely! http://mybigTOE.com Tom Campbell http://CUSAC.org The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness https://www.facebook.com/TestingSimulationTheory/ http://mbtevents.com New MBT Online Immersives and binaural beats

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