Thursday, May 28, 2020

New video by Maria Felipe on YouTube

LYH 365 - Lesson 149 ACIM
HOLA I trust you are finding these daily ACIM video lessons helpful! Much heart goes into them. It's a honor to be on this journey with you. Love you. To support you with your ACIM journey I wrote a short and very helpful and healing book titled Live Your Happy! It helps in bringing the teachings of ACIM from your head to your heart so you can LIVE THEM! It helps in understanding what is true forgiveness, trust and how to hear your inner wisdom. It’s practical, radical and raw! TESTIMONIAL “I have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1993, but in all those years I have never come so far in uncovering the ego’s blocks as I have with Maria’s Live Your Happy 9 Week Course. This is like A Course in Miracles Turbo!” – Gary Montcalm WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE BOOK You can find the paper back on Amazon and here you can find a FREE sample of the Audio Book: ONLINE PROGRAM THAT GOES WITH THE BOOK This program supports you in doing the practices and having the breakthroughs that you want to experience. Suffering is an option. This program helps undo the suffering so you can encounter LOVE in a VERY deep way! Live Your Happy 9 Week Program: USE: HAPPY10 for 10% OFF DONATE These videos are offered freely and if you feel inspired to donate to this important healing mission, please donate. :) Find link below. Your donation freely given is so appreciated and supports me to continue to spread this message of peace, healing, and happiness. For those of you who have donated, thank you so much! PAYPAL (suggested donation $1 a day = $365 for the year or donate whatever makes you happy!) VENMO @maria-felipe in happiness, Maria and Christian

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