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How is healing accomplished? A conversation with Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles about A Course in Miracles

Bruce Rawles - Susan Dugan

Susan Dugan and Bruce Rawles read and discuss the section “How is healing accomplished?” (M-5) from the Manual For Teachers from A Course In Miracles in this YouTube video conversation. We’ll continue to suffer needlessly until we let go of the belief in specialness and the idea that separate interests and all the other variations of ego’s propaganda for its substitute identity – based on a belief in a self that dreamt it split from Perfect Oneness … but it’s “not my fault” – will make us happy. Fortunately, our Inner Kindness Teacher has infinite patience, awaiting our decision to abandon the fake identity that will never work and allow our True Infinitely-Shared Identity to restore peace to our minds.

Here are the first three paragraphs of the “How is healing accomplished?” (M-5) section:

“I. The Perceived Purpose of Sickness
1 Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain. Who would choose suffering unless he thought it brought him something, and something of value to him? He must think it is a small price to pay for something of greater worth. For sickness is an election; a decision. It is the choice of weakness, in the mistaken conviction that it is strength. When this occurs, real strength is seen as threat and health as danger. Sickness is a method, conceived in madness, for placing God’s Son on his Father’s throne. God is seen as outside, fierce and powerful, eager to keep all power for Himself. Only by His death can He be conquered by His Son.

2 And what, in this insane conviction, does healing stand for? It symbolizes the defeat of God’s Son and the triumph of his Father over him. It represents the ultimate defiance in a direct form which the Son of God is forced to recognize. It stands for all that he would hide from himself to protect his “life.” If he is healed, he is responsible for his thoughts. And if he is responsible for his thoughts, he will be killed to prove to him how weak and pitiful he is. But if he chooses death himself, his weakness is his strength. Now has he given himself what God would give to him, and thus entirely usurped the throne of his Creator.

II. The Shift in Perception
1 Healing must occur in exact proportion to which the valuelessness of sickness is recognized. One need but say, “There is no gain at all to me in this” and he is healed. But to say this, one first must recognize certain facts. First, it is obvious that decisions are of the mind, not of the body. If sickness is but a faulty problem-solving approach, it is a decision. And if it is a decision, it is the mind and not the body that makes it. The resistance to recognizing this is enormous, because the existence of the world as you perceive it depends on the body being the decision-maker. Terms like “instincts,” “reflexes” and the like represent attempts to endow the body with non-mental motivators. Actually, such terms merely state or describe the problem. They do not answer it.”M-5.1-3

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