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SFACIM Videos – March 2020

Lyn Corona and Tim Wise - School For A Course In MiraclesThese videos are examples of weekly – which have been daily now for several weeks – classes recorded as video conversations hosted by Lyn Corona and Tim Wise (who lead the School For A Course In Miracles) in their highly recommended YouTube video channel.

Here are recent (Mar. 2020) additions to the SFACIM YouTube Channel:

  • A Course in Miracles: 3/3/2020 – I am The Light of the World: Lyn talks about how the perpetual state of grace we are always in … is the light of the world. And that is our function in the world… not condemnation and judgment.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/5/2020 – Forgiveness: The “Cure’ for All Sickness – Using ACIM Workbook Lessons #6166, we discuss how forgiveness is the cure for all our belief in sickness of any kind.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/7/2020 – Only Holding Grievances Stops A Miracle – The only two contents of any choice we seem to make in time and space… is a choice between looking for a grievance (seeing someone or something as guilty) or looking for a miracle (being willing to see their holiness in spite of what they did or didn’t do.)
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/12/2020 – The Kindness of Healing –  Thursday SFACIM meeting on kindness, what it really looks like and how to do it…. “be kind, for everyone is fighting their own hard battle.” One of the references used: ACIM Workbook Lesson 67
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/18/2020 – “My routines are being rocked!” We talk about how we use (as egos) our daily routines to feel victimized when those routines are disrupted… whether by the virus, our finances, or anything.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/19/2020 – Lyn discusses the “wheel of misfortune,” and how to let go of our sense of vulnerability and sometimes helplessness in dealing with old and particularly current challenges in this time of crises… on our individual wheel of seeming life. One of the references used: ACIM Workbook Lesson 76
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/21/2020 – Lyn & Whitney on “Facing The Current Crisis” – Moving from what do I do (behavior) to how do I really see myself and others (perception)?
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/21/2020 – “Letting Go Our Belief in Sickness” – Tim discusses the way we are hanging on to our belief in sickness in our mind, how to acknowledge that, and then how to let that belief go.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/26/2020 – Chart on Course Metaphysics – We discuss how we got from the experience of oneness in Heaven… to our belief that we are bodies running around on earth, and more importantly, how we get back… using Ken Wapnick’s chart on the Course’s metaphysics.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/27/2020 – “Holding Grievances Are Keeping Me Crazy in This Crazy Time!” Jim Tynan leads a discussion on how sickness is an excuse to blame somebody or something for our own internal chosen lack of peace.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/28/2020 – Charting Our Need for Grievances – We compare the three metaphysical charts we have been using in our recent classes, how they connect, and how they are roadmaps for letting go of our resentments and grievances, so we can find peace in these times of crises.
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/29/2020 – Whitney on “God’s Playground” – Playing in God’s Playground, instead of the ego’s hell…
  • A Course in Miracles: 3/31/2020 – You’re OK, I’m OK? – Lyn discusses ACIM Workbook Lesson 188: Jesus tells me if I am willing to see Jesus still loves the real you (in spite of what you did or didn’t do), I will realize he still loves the real me and I’m ok too.

Here are several years of prior video archives (on the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center website). Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Editor’s note: I (Bruce Rawles) attend as many of these excellent classes as I can. You might hear me chime in and join the conversation every so often, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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