Tuesday, September 3, 2019

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: CUSAC VIP Event Q & A USA 4/4
As part of the Kickstarter reward fulfillment, a small group of participants were given a two-day Q & A event to ask Tom Campbell their most pressing questions! The first hour produced a particularly elegant and simple explanation regarding the evolution of MBT. They were all great sessions and contain a good deal of information packed into a short time. In response to the many concerns that we have received regarding the disruptive comments on this channel, we are working to remedy the situation. Comments containing constructive criticism or differing viewpoints are perfectly acceptable so long as they are carried out in a respectful manner. However, actions such as excessive posting, name-calling, personal attacks, bullying, and defaming will not be tolerated Accounts that repeatedly violate these rules will be blocked permanently. Lengthy or in-depth technical comments and questions are best suited for the MBT discussion forum: https://www.my-big-toe.com/forums/ind... Please note: Tom does not directly moderate, enforce guidelines, or comment on his channel. These tasks are carried out by his management team. The use of audio, video, or images (in whole or part) without the written consent of the creator/owner will be considered copyright infringement and will be dealt with accordingly. The splicing together of Tom's copyrighted material to further another channel's agenda, resulting in defamatory content, will be dealt with under YouTube's rules regarding defamation. Now then, please enjoy one of the best Q & A sessions in recent memory! The topics also include: relationships, dealing well with children and adolescents, fear, ego, and more! http://www.my-big-TOE.com Tom's website http://www.CUSAC.org Tom Campbell 501 c 3, The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness http://mbtevents.com Tom's events, Immersives, binaural beats Instagram: @tomcampbellmbt New! http://matrixwissen.de Oliver's website for Tom's work in Germany and other information

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