Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: Grimerica Interview July 2018
Tom Campbell, physicist, joins Darren and Graham for a fascinating chat about his new ventures into researching quantum mechanics and consciousness. Tom’s trilogy of My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) books – Awakening, Discovery and Inner Workings have made quite an impact over the years in consciousness research. Tom started his journey with Bob Monroe at The Monroe Institute, and through many OBE’s, decades of science, research into simulation and consciousness has ultimately led to Love and Compassion. They chat about free will, video game analogies, self work, the decline of materialism, OBE’s, fear, belief, healing, dealing with negativity and much more. (comments by Darren and Graham, edited) Thanks to Darren and Graham for this interview! Check them out at Tom's website Tom's events, programs, appearances

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