Thursday, August 9, 2018

New video by Maria Felipe on YouTube

10min ACIM Lesson 66 - Ambient Chill Mix - Meditation - A Course in Miracles - Chillstep
This is the first ACIM Chillstep Edition - created & edited by my wonderful husband. ACIM Lesson 66 is my favorite of all lessons, because it talks about happiness being our function. Enjoy this piece of art on your morning run, as meditation or as an ambient chill mix when you're cooking - have fun! And don't forget - Happiness is your function! Love, Maria & Christian ▶▶▶ SHARE & extend the Love (digitally) if you like the message ★SUBSCRIBE - for videos like this every week CLICK HERE!★ NEW BOOK - LIVE YOUR HAPPY™ with ACIM: LINKS

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