Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New video by Maria Felipe on YouTube

15min ACIM Lesson 101 - Ambient Chill Mix - Meditation - A Course in Miracles - Chillstep
This is the second ACIM Chillstep Edition - created & edited by my wonderful husband. Enjoy this piece of art on your morning run, as meditation or as an ambient chill mix when you're cooking - have fun! And don't forget - Happiness is your function! Love, Maria & Christian ▶▶▶ SHARE & extend the Love (digitally) if you like the message ★SUBSCRIBE - for videos like this every week CLICK HERE!★ goo.gl/d4K68g NEW BOOK - LIVE YOUR HAPPY™ with ACIM: www.mariafelipe.org/new-book LINKS www.mariafelipe.org www.instagram.com/revmariafelipe www.facebook.com/mariafelipefanpage/

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