Saturday, June 2, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: Steps to an OOBE and Exploring Consciousness
A question was asked at one of our MBT Immersive events: How can I explore consciousness, what are the steps to an OOBE state? Tom gives an answer that resonated well with the attendees and we thought we would share it with you. My Big TOE began with consciousness and soon derived physics, by which he then unified Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. No small task, but a logical one under the concept of virtual reality. MBT supports the virtual reality concept which dictates that consciousness is fundamental. This is how Tom's unique qualifications as both a physicist and consciousness researcher led him to writing My Big TOE. "Big" referring to a more comprehensive TOE that just the physics of this reality we live in, and "My" referring to his own experience. The physics experiments Tom has designed have a dual purpose; rewriting quantum mechanics, and by establishing that we live in a virtual reality, bringing us closer to a better more cooperative world, and his Love is the answer conclusion. When the physicists understand through the evidence that the experiments will provide that we live in a virtual reality, then the path to a better world can begin. It is these experiments and the scientists acceptance of the results of them that will launch us into a new paradigm. We will no longer be burdened with a materialistic/deterministic dead- end mechanical viewpoint, but we will have one that recognizes purpose, and allows us to move forward in a positive direction. If you have supported Tom's experiments on Kickstarter, we thank you! If not, consider donating whatever you can to get these important experiments going! Thank you! http://mybigTOE Tom's website Tom's events, programs

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