Tuesday, April 17, 2018

New video by Maria Felipe on YouTube

Be Happy No Matter What! - ACIM - Unity San Jose
In this video you'll experience a talk recorded at the Unity of San Jose, CA in which I talk about how to be happy no matter what the circumstances. If you can just embrace one idea of not making your outside circumstances so real, then you'll be much further than many. ▶▶▶ SHARE & extend the Love (digitally) if you like the message ★SUBSCRIBE - for videos like this every week CLICK HERE!★ goo.gl/d4K68g NEW BOOK - LIVE YOUR HAPPY™ with ACIM: www.mariafelipe.org/new-book LINKS www.mariafelipe.org www.instagram.com/revmariafelipe www.facebook.com/mariafelipefanpage/

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