Monday, March 26, 2018

New video by Maria Felipe on YouTube

[INTERVIEW] How to Let Go of Fear & Find Lasting Peace - Corinne Zupko - ACIM
In this video I interview my dear friend Corinne Zupko about her NEW book "From Anxiety to Love" Themes Covered: How to tap into your "inner therapist" to heal anxiety How Mediation helps with anxiety How to come back to peace How to create balance in life by less work in form and more play! How to create a spiritual practice that will help in preventing panic attacks and more amazing insights! HER WEBSITE: HER BOOK: FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM @corinnezupko ▶▶▶ SHARE & extend the Love (digitally) if you like the message ★SUBSCRIBE - for videos like this every week CLICK HERE!★ NEW BOOK - LIVE YOUR HAPPY™ with ACIM: LINKS

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