Thursday, March 8, 2018

New video by A Course In Miracles by Carol Howe on YouTube

Podcast 32 - Learn How Life Is the Exact Mirror Of Attitude
Our outer lives are mirrors of our inner attitudes. Notice the characteristics of the image in a mirror - it looks back at us but does not initiate. It takes no time nor effort on our part to appear when we stand in front of it, or change in response to our prayers or demands. In the same way, our world appears in effortless response to what we believe, request, and pay attention to and cannot substantively change until attitude changes. And, happily, we are entirely in charge of an attitude upgrade. Nothing needs to be different for us to start to change our minds. Our See How Life Works series is a great aid in shifting that attitude back to one where your reflected world is a kinder and more peaceful one.  Enjoy your new world!

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