Monday, March 5, 2018

New video by A Course In Miracles by Carol Howe on YouTube

Podcast 29 - Resurrection - Opening to the Truth of Ourselves
Happy Easter! And how can we not talk about resurrection, as that’s the central topic of this day. But here, it’s about our own coming back to life. So this is for everyone, not just those who subscribe to a certain religion. We deaden ourselves when we close down and want to live the ego-driven, separated, “It’s all about me” life. We’ve been duped into believing this brings safety and happiness. It does not. Everyone who has every played on a team, sung in a chorus, or participated in a group event knows that great feeling of giving fully of one’s self. And ever so much greater the joy when we come back to life by opening up once again to the brilliant Oneness of our being. Watch our See How Life Works series to explore more of this topic.

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