Sunday, March 18, 2018

New video by A Course In Miracles by Carol Howe on YouTube

Podcast 34 - With Commitment, All Is Possible
My first real job out of college required more than I thought it was possible to deliver, but when you make a commitment, resources show up, you take one day at a time, and quite miraculously, it all works out and feels great. And since that position involved working with teenagers, it cemented my love affair with them that lasts until this day. So here’s to celebrating and encouraging the teenager in all of us - willing to explore how life works, open to learning and seeing what’s around the corner, and responding eagerly to being listened to and cared for. If you’re ready to let your “teenager” come out and play, by all means check out our See How Life Works series for helpful hints. Make sure to Like Our Facebook page which will give you lots of resources to create and step into the greatest life possible. You can always find out much more about this subject matter on Carol Howe's website, where she has online A Course in Miracle classes and Master Classes.

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