Thursday, March 22, 2018

Homeless, the ego seeks

“You’ll need to remove everything that might offend someone,” the realtor said.

“You mean lose the Obama,” I said. Referring to the life-sized, standup cardboard cutout of our former POTUS procured during the 2008 election. Headed in 2016 for the dumpster, truth be told, but saved by the unexpected outcome of that election. Consequently retained as a beacon of light in dark-dream times. Dutifully decorated for holidays ever since. Currently still sporting multiple strands of Mardi gras beads.

The young man with a boy’s face nodded, smiling. “Some people might take that the wrong way.”

He had a point, of course. Some people, OK, all people, were always on the lookout for things to take the wrong way. It had been a life-long hobby of mine, actually, one I’d perfected over the years to near art status. But I digress.

We had decided to put our house on the market in an effort to financially downsize as we approached the great slide into the abyss of our inevitable dotage. A possibility my husband and I had discussed periodically for a couple years in our circuitous way as Denver’s housing market grew ever hotter. A communication dynamic that resembled two planets broadcasting through light years of deep space while continuing to circle in their own orbits. Nonetheless somehow simultaneously arriving at and transmitting the identical conclusion that the time was right. Despite the troubling reality that the extreme desirability born of unavailability in residential housing would require holding an open house prepared to receive an offer or multiple offers quickly, perhaps sell immediately, and negotiate a lease back for a month or two to enable us to subsequently procure an equally scarce morsel of real estate hopefully with cash from the sale of our abode. (My finally dormant IBS symptoms flared just thinking about it.)

Meanwhile, we would ready the house for sale. Fixing and painting what long needed both (my husband’s domain). Cleaning and divesting ourselves of belongings long in need of divestiture (my venue), except for the contents of the two “hoarder rooms” downstairs containing my husband’s lifetime accumulations and inheritances and pretty much the entire garage of his alleged “possessions,” appropriate to all meanings of that word. Exceptions that more than out-numbered our joint possessions (absent daughter included) that likewise still required jettisoning. The very mention of which would trigger an argument of epic proportions which is saying quite a lot. But I’ll leave that to another story.

For now, in the spirit of détente, I would focus on locating and hiding or disposing of the possibly offensive, I decided, bidding the realtor adieu and beginning, room, by room, to take inventory. An exercise you, too, might want to try some time at home for your own amusement/horrification. Because, I mean, where to begin? That’s what you realize, as soon as you inch back from your biases into the discomforting territory of objective observer. A preliminary walkthrough of the main floor, for example, revealed:

-one roll of toilet paper prominently displayed in the powder room imprinted with a black-and-white etching of the face of our current POTUS (a recent stocking-stuffer Christmas gift from my daughter);

-a collection of artful Voodoo dolls purchased over the years from a place I adored called “Chicken Man Voodoo” in New Orleans, prominently displayed on a white brick wall of my office;

-a hutch filled with Day-of-the-Dead artwork purchased in Taos, Santa Fe, and Oaxaca, Mexico; skeletons of all shapes and sizes cavorting in a variety of pleasurable antics from feasting, dancing, and music-making to skiing, windsurfing, and motor-bike racing;

-miscellaneous skeleton art objects including a wooden coffin, lid carved with skeletal remains of a supine corpse;

-mosaic, glass, and hand-hewn crosses (as in crucifixes thankfully sans the Christ figure) purchased for their beauty during miscellaneous travels, nonetheless evocative of certain Biblical Christian beliefs I no longer held, but still;

-bookcases penned by the likes of Thomas Keating, Thomas Merton, and Saint Teresa of Avila as well as a variety of ancient and contemporary authors from Taoist, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions and a sprinkling of survivors from my New Age phase;

-additional remains of that latter era in the form of Tarot and other divination cards and,

-the culmination of my spiritual searching and proverbial end of the seeking road and beginning of the actual journey in changing the purpose of my world from ego prison to true forgiveness classroom in the form of  a veritable library of  A Course in Miracles books, CDs, and accompanying materials by my beloved teacher Ken Wapnick.

I shoved the verboten toilet paper in the back of a drawer, piled the Voodoo dolls into a box deposited in the newly cleaned hall closet along with the wooden coffin, and decided that for better or worse, all other skeletons were out of the closet for good, even as I contemplated the walls of my office with growing dread. Recalling the realtor’s additional edict I’d almost but not quite successfully repressed to also remove any personal photos and children’s artwork from walls and surfaces to better enable potential buyers to picture their own family inhabiting “our” space.

Slain by the indelible thought, I collapsed back into my desk chair beside my bulletin board. Filled with snapshots of my daughter as a baby and young child, my husband and I as doting new parents, sandwiched between a photographed portrait of myself in college taken by a friend– blown up, framed, and presented as a gift all those years ago with which I had only recently reunited–and a professional Christmas photo of my daughter taken not long after her first birthday. Momentarily beaming following a classic meltdown and posed like a porcelain baby doll in her red velvet dress my mother had sent amidst a set of perfectly wrapped gifts, the backdrop of an idyllic, decorated evergreen. Suddenly aware that the possessions I held most dear fell into two categories: the deliciously offensive and Kodak-moment relics of a special past lived with special people that not only never really existed as pictured; as it turns out, never really existed at all. Serving only to keep me from experiencing real Love, the Love I kept seeking and never really finding, as impossible to hold onto as this house, these possessions, these grievances, these dreams, all like water rushing through my hands.

“Jesus!” I said, overcome with a sense of loneliness and devastation the current circumstances could not possibly justify, and found myself once more transported to my inner professor’s office in the quiet center of that proverbial academy outside this dream of exile from our real Source and Self. Seated in that same chair at his desk after so many months, apparently finally ready for the consultation that seemed to have eluded me for so long.

“Bad dreams?” he asked.

“I broke a nail,” I said, gnawing at it. “Even though I’ve been taking a keratin supplement claiming to prevent that sort of thing.”

“Nails,” he said, shaking his head. “Can’t live with ‘um, can’t live without ‘um.”

“Oh, that is so not even remotely funny,” I said.

“Oh, come on. Not even a little bit?”

I rolled my eyes. “The problem with you is there is absolutely nothing you take seriously,” I said.

“Isn’t that the truth,” he agreed, smiling that steady, confounding smile of his. “What can I do for you today?”

“Turns out we’re moving,” I said.

He nodded, leaning back in his chair, still wearing that fashionable man scarf I had given him for Christmas that leant his otherwise modest attire a certain je-ne-sais-quoi flair.

“You don’t miss anything, do you?” I said. “No pun intended.”

“You’ve been crying,” he said, pushing the box of tissues toward me.

I sighed. “It’s just that I feel like it’s all been a waste, a sham. I’ve failed so badly at everything I’ve tried to make right, make good on, make work. Make.”

“Make up, you mean?”

“Oh, yeah, there’s that,” I blew my nose, hung my head. At least I was still good at some things.

“The thing is, we’re moving and I don’t know where I’m going,” I said. “I don’t just mean where I’m going to live. I mean I don’t even know where I’ve really come from, what I’ve been doing here all this time, what all these ‘possessions’ even mean. I feel like all these objects I’m supposed to box up are just refuse from the latest movie set. And I’m in charge of deciding what goes on exhibit for fellow future film buffs and what to hurl in the rubbish heap.”

His brows shot up the way they do.

“I’m learning that I’m always wrong about what I thought I possessed and why. But at times feel possessed by this wild woman ego slipping into madness. We’ve been here fifteen years, moved here when my daughter was ten. This house seems full of ghosts. I keep encountering ghosts of her and me at different ages and stages in our relationship, ghosts of my husband and myself, too, ghosts of dreams dreamt and undreamt, you know what I mean?”

He nodded, smiled, ever willing to meet me in the condition I thought I was in.

“And then there’s the deeper issue of not knowing where I’m going since there’s no me going anywhere actually. And ultimately, as you’re constantly reminding us, there are no names on the diplomas we get for graduation from forgiveness-of-what-never-really-was academy, no attachment to me and mine in the real world and I still don’t know where that leaves me, you know? Or all these ghosts? All I know is time and time again I have failed to love hard enough. I have wasted the gifts I came in with and blamed others for it, held them responsible for the impossible task of making me happy. I have failed to consider how my behavior affected them. Even with those I love the most, the ones I believe I can’t live without, I have put, continue to put, my own needs first. I could go on,” I blubbered.

“God knows,” he said.

“So where does that leave me?”

But he only smiled.

Outside the cracked-open, beveled windows behind his desk, a soprano dove sang. Treetops swayed in the minor-chord March winds, shaking off fistfuls of snow.

I can’t say how long we sat together like that. At some point, I became aware of a fire blazing in a fireplace across the room I had never noticed before in all these visits, the gift of a hearth, a home, ever-burning, never in need of fuel, the perpetual music of doves.

Finally, I smiled back, nodded.

“Cup of Joe?” he asked.

“… You can indeed be sure of nothing you see outside you, but of this you can be sure: The Holy Spirit asks that you offer Him a resting place where you will rest in Him. He answered you, and entered your relationship. Would you not now return His graciousness, and enter into a relationship with Him? For it is He who offered your relationship the gift of holiness, without which it would have been forever impossible to appreciate your brother. (From A Course in Miracles Text, Chapter 19, IV. The Obstacles to Peace, paragraph 2)

“The first obstacle that peace must flow across is your desire to get rid of it. For it cannot extend unless you keep it. You are the center from which it radiates outward, to call the others in. You are its home; its tranquil dwelling place from which it gently reaches out, but never leaving you. If you would make it homeless, how can it abide within the Son of God? If it would spread across the whole creation, it must begin with you, and from you reach to everyone who calls and bring him rest by joining you.” (Chapter 19, IV. A. paragraph 1)

NOTE: A Course in Miracles uses the character of an unconditionally loving Jesus as a symbol of the unconditionally loving presence still shining in every fragment of our one mind. A presence that never took the “tiny, mad idea” of separation from our eternally loving Source and Self seriously, and continues to experience and teach only the truth of our invulnerable, shared innocence, despite our seemingly special, guilty dreams of separation, separate interests, and punishment realized.


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And a recording in which we talk about ACIM workbook lesson 101: “God’s will for me is perfect happiness” and 102: “I share God’s will for happiness for me.”  You’d think we’d like to hear that God’s will for us is perfect happiness, but we can’t possibly believe that and also believe we attacked God and threw his love away.  Following our inner Teacher’s path of true forgiveness begins to dissolve the guilt in our mind, teaching us that it was just silly to believe we could oppose God’s will and create a separate one. Allowing us to gradually accept that we deserve the happiness we share within God’s presence and could never really destroy.


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