Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New video by A Course In Miracles by Carol Howe on YouTube

Podcast 23 - The Nutritious Change To Your Thinking Diet
At the beginning of each new year, diets loom large - no pun intended - on many people's minds. In addition, this year calls for a new "believing/thinking" diet. The #1 internet search on January 1 was "how to reduce stress." You've come to the right place because our videos are designed to do just that - and lots more! So enjoy your newly baked kale chips with a healthy dose of See(ing) How Life Works. And you're guaranteed to have the happiest year yet! You can always find out much more about this subject matter on Carol Howe's website, where she has online A Course in Miracle classes and Master Classes. https://www.carolhowe.com/p/courses

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