Saturday, January 6, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: A Model of Existence and Consciousness
MBT is a big theory of everything built on logic that answers the paradoxes of physics. Tom Campbell is a physicist, author of My Big TOE, and a consciousness researcher and explorer for the last 40+ years. The "big in big TOE refers to explaining the known (little TOE) and the unknown (big TOE), thus rendering the "paranormal" normal. MBT solves the "hard problem" of physics because when you understand that Consciousness is fundamental, this understanding allows you to better understand your reality, yourself and your relationships. Since 1998, Tom's MBT theory has concluded that we are living in a virtual reality. Developed to raise awareness for Tom's work and physics experiments, these short clips deliver bite-sized chunks of information to share with others. Tom's website Tom's events and appearances Binaural beats, and power breathing Editing and camerawork: Keith Warner and Donna Aveni

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