Sunday, January 7, 2018

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: The Love and Low Entropy Connection
Low entropy (entropy:a measure of disorder) is the most efficient way of operating in a social system. And, the LCS (larger consciousness system: an aware intelligent low entropy being of which we are a part) is an efficient system. Cooperation is integral in such a system. This is how physicist Tom Campbell can conclude after much research and documentation that to optimize our growth and evolution Love is the answer. Designed for sharing and raising awareness for Tom's work and physics experiments, these short video clips are the best small bits of concise information from Tom on his MBT theory. His books (My Big TOE) are free on Google books, and on sale most everywhere online. Numerous videos here on YouTube will give a more complete overview of his MBT theory. Tom's website Tom's events, appearances Editing and camerawork: Keith Warner Photo: Trinity College Library, Dublin

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