Saturday, June 3, 2017

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: The Cultural Connection Continues; Auckland
With thanks to the people of Auckland! In this five part series, with a commentary by Tom Campbell, we will introduce you to the people and places we met and visited on our world tour: The Cultural Connection Tour 2017, February trough April. First stop: Auckland, New Zealand. These are not the workshop videos (available in a few months) but an acknowledgment of the wonderful people in Auckland who helped make the event possible. What were their impressions of the workshop and meeting Tom in person? And, what are they doing now? Marla Frees was our special guest (from LA) who added immeasurable value to the Auckland workshop experience for the participants! Thank you, Marla! A special thank you to Kepa Maika, the inspiration for the tour! Tom uses the acronym LCS (Larger Consciousness System) in referring to the “Source” -- An information system built on a foundation of computer science processes. This consciousness-system-being is constantly evolving towards love. Becoming love is the goal of the system, and our purpose here. Donna and Keith MBT Events Tom Campbell’s website Tom’s latest events APP Conference in Las Vegas June 22-25 Tom is a featured speaker at this remote viewing gathering of the best of the best in the remote viewing field.

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