Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New video by Tom Campbell on YouTube

Tom Campbell: Youth Fireside Chat May 2017
Last weekend we had the second Youth Fireside Chat where Tom answered questions from a younger audience than we usually have on the regular Fireside Chats. Unfortunately, several participants didn't show up but Kyle our new 12-year old member and 10-year-old Alexander who was already attending the second time saved the day by coming up with a lot of really good questions for Tom, so we almost went for the whole 2 hours we had scheduled. It was a great interaction and we have already agreed to do this a third time. If you are a teenager, see the recording and want to be a part of the next edition of this format, feel free to contact Oliver at for further information. All previous Fireside Chats are now also available as free audio podcasts here: You can help support future Fireside Chat sessions by making a donation. Donations will go toward the cost of the servers used to host the web conferencing system as well as the new free podcast service. To donate: Find out about Tom's upcoming events around the globe: Tom's website and forum:

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